Top Five Things to Look for in Emergency Response Planning

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Top Five Things to Look for in Emergency Response Planning

Preparing for emergencies is crucial, especially when workers’ lives are at stake. Organizations take major steps to enhance the work experience for their employees. Establishing an effective emergency response plan should be included within those steps. Hiring an experienced organizational resilience company can assist your company prepare for emergencies.

If you’re researching organizational resilience companies, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in emergency response planning.

1. Experienced Professionals

When it comes to the safety of life and essential resources, trust only experienced professionals who have undergone proper training with emergency response agencies, e.g. Police, Fire, EMS, Critical Care, Emergency Management.

2. Customization

The ability to customize Emergency Response Plans to meet your specific needs and remain relevant is essential to the success of the Emergency Response Program.

3. Training

Provide regular training to your staff and senior management. This provides staff with the confidence and competence they need to remain calm and focus on their emergency roles and responsibilities.

4. Tabletop exercises

Conduct tabletop exercises to test and evaluate the plans, allowing the employees to practice their roles in a safe environment.

5. Integration

Integrate plans with building owners, vendors/contractors, and other stakeholders. With teamwork and collaboration, many situational issues can be identified and mitigated in advance.

If you’re looking for an Emergency Response Planning company in Ontario, Canada, please contact Get Ready. We have partnered with the National Research Council of Canada to further develop our process-mapping platform and help take our leading innovative technology to market in Canada and internationally. We comply with the standards established by CSA Z1600, Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, Accreditation Canada, ISN, and the Business Continuity Institute.

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