Create Safe Indoor Spaces with Poppy Pathogen Monitoring

Get Ready

Incident Command System Toronto

Webinar - 09 February, 2021

Poppy is an early warning and protection network that monitors for coronavirus and other pathogens in your environment. We help ensure safe work environments and instill confidence in your employees and customers that their health is prioritized.

Using Poppy helps you manage the business risks associated with COVID-19, and your staff and customers will have less anxiety and feel secure that the space they are in is continuously monitored for harmful pathogens. Poppy is used to reducing legal risk and liability for workplaces, and increases customer confidence, in diverse markets, from restaurants to retirement facilities, offices , and retail.

Task Force Members

  • Sam Molyneux, BSc, PhD
    • An entrepreneur and innovative scientist, Sam Molyneux is co-CEO and co-founder of Poppy.
  • Scott Ashley, CCFP
    • Scott is the President and CEO of Get Ready. Scott’s strong belief is to separate policies from procedures and truly “operationalize” a response with clear, easy to follow check lists for all levels of staff across the organization.

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