Get Ready to be a disaster-resilient organization

Business Continuity Planning Toronto

Complete Emergency Response Plans

Ensure the right response
  • 2-stage escalation matrix for up to 28 relevant emergency incidents to ensure the right response
  • We separate policy from procedure to provide clear role-based Job Action Sheets (checklists) for up to 9 levels of staff
  • Online incident support forms, reports, and dashboards for real-time situational awareness
  • Online post-incident debrief and after-action reporting
  • Pre-drafted crisis communications for internal and external stakeholders

Emergency Response Forms and Dashboards

Immediate situational awareness

Through Get Ready’s integration of real-time forms and dashboards, our clients can achieve a heightened level of situational awareness far in advance of traditional paper and physical reporting methods

  • Digital incident support forms
  • Quick and user-friendly interface
  • At-a-glance and accurate information
  • Supports rapid and informed decision making

Get Ready™ Incident Tracker

Saves valuable time monitoring and tracking incidents
  • Real-time incident status for rapid decision making
  • Supports on-call management
  • Incident history available for review and export
  • Trend, measure and analyze for committee reporting

Online Post Incident Debriefing

You can’t improve what you don’t measure

Effective follow-up, reporting, and evaluation of incident response, tests, and exercises are vital components of your Emergency Management Program.

  • Save time inputting and preparing incident information
  • Identify immediate corrective actions
  • Support continuous program improvement 
  • Easy-to-create analytics and after-action reports for Leadership/Board review

Incident-of-the-Month Training

Ensure confidence and competence

To ensure all staff are prepared to conduct their roles and responsibilities effectively during an emergency event, Get Ready provides the tools to support your organization’s in-house Learning Management System. Each training module includes:

  • 4-6 minute training video
  • Quiz for proof of understanding
  • Certificate of Completion for record keeping

Serving Ontario and Canada.

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