As a proud partner of the National Research Council of Canada, Get Ready developed the only notification system that can send an alert AND link the recipient to procedural Job Action Sheets. It’s not enough to only inform people that there is an incident, but it is just as critical to tell them what to do – We do Both!!

Get Ready develops customized and unique role-based Job Action Sheets for all levels of staff to help them respond efficiently and effectively to emergencies.

Our research shows that we are the only company to integrate alerts with procedures. Ready ALERT™ will send notifications and link you to your Job Action Sheets, so everyone knows exactly what to do!!


Ready Alert™ enables organizations to:

  • Send Alert’s to Voice, SMS, and Email
  • Create and approve pre-drafted Alerts
  • Create pre-established Groups (Executive Team, Managers, Security, Facilities, by site or location etc.) for ease and speed of sending an Alert
  • Direct links to Job Actions Sheets
  • Instant conference call feature
  • Alert Feedback dashboards to monitor who received the Alert and their status

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